Leaf trivia

  1. Why Do Autumn Leaves Turn Red? Soil May Dictate Fall Colors
  2. Why More Autumn Leaves Are Red In America And Yellow In Europe: New Theory
  3. Leaves whisper their properties through ultrasound
  4. Scientists Confirm Folk Remedy Repels Mosquitoes
    Comment: United States Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Service scientists isolated compounds in the American beautyberry plant, Callicarpa americana, that may repel insects.
  5. Six compounds found in cranberry leaves may naturally reduce insect feeding, growth
  6. A new innovative way to fertilize through leaves
  7. Molecule found in tree leaves helps female mice combat weight gain; males unaffected
  8. Hop leaves -- discarded in beer brewing -- have substances that could fight dental diseases
  9. High-tech electronics made from autumn leaves based on Supercapacitive performance of porous carbon materials derived from tree leaves
  10. Clemson researchers: Trees grow more efficient leaves to compensate for hurricane damage
  11. Leaves are nature's most sophisticated environment sensors: New research confirms that leaves are nature's most sophisticated environment sensors
  12. Can trees control algal blooms?
    Excerpt: “[initially quoting Professor Michele Burford] ‘Trees … drop their leaves, they fall in the water or they fall on the ground, so we get leaf litter everywhere.’ … Among the novel techniques the team employed was to add leachate from leaves to experimental chambers in a reservoir and observe the effect the leachate had on the growth of algae. The experiment revealed that if enough leachate was added it can suppress the blue-green algal growth.”
  13. To prevent tick encounters, where you dump your leaves matters: Raking leaves out to the yard edge may increase tick numbers there
  14. Engineers work out why fallen leaves on train tracks are so slippery
  15. Which factors trigger leaf die-off in autumn?
  16. Leaf microbiomes are a neighborhood affair in northern forests
  17. How the size and shape of dried leaves can turn small flames into colossal bushfires
  18. Climate warming linked to tree leaf unfolding and flowering growing apart
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